About Us

Individual difference is an established concept in psychology. As a matter of fact, there are no two individuals who are the same; we are all unique in our own way. In the classroom setting, children have been handled and treated in most cases as if they are normally endowed.

Assignments, classwork, projects etc are given to them and equal details and precision is expected in their response. However, experience has shown over – time that unhealthy academic rivalry has been the result.

Discovery of a person’s unique individuality and its acceptance is the bedrock of excellence. This will form a springboard to improvement. No serious person desires anything less than the very best.

Most students seek to impress their parents and significant others academically, but in some cases, they fall short of this.

At Sagab College, we aim at inculcating the right state of mind into the students which is geared towards the pursuit of excellence in academics. Our goal is to train students to go beyond the limit set by others and continue to improve on their best. We hope to produce seasoned academians who will stand tall above their peers in the society tomorrow.

According to Dr. David Oyedepo “ a thought of mediocrity makes mediocre, a thought of greatness makes great men”, likewise a thought of academic excellence makes academians of class.